Company bulletin

General Manager Hampu went to Xi 'an branch to investigate and guide the work

On October 20, Han Pu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, vice chairman and general manager of the company, led a team to Xi 'an Branch to carry out business research。

In the investigation, Hanpu and his delegation went to the roadshow site of Taibai Community of Yanta Company, learned about the marketing and business publicity coverage of the community, communicated with the marketing personnel, and guided the relevant work。

General manager Amp pointed out,Xi 'an branch in the future marketing work,First, to do a good job of investigation and research, analyze the characteristics of users;Second, we should combine market policies,Study and judge carefully,Develop targeted marketing policies;Third, we must vigorously develop channels,Carefully study and deploy,Promote business integration and development;The fourth is to rely on the characteristics of residential areas for university workers,Achieve targeted sales in the roadshow area,Solve the actual needs of users,Improve user satisfaction,Promote the rapid development of Yanta's mass business。

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